What is a smart video doorbell?

A smart video doorbell is a simple piece of security equipment that you can attach to the outside of your home which alerts you and sends a video stream of whoever is outside your home to your smartphone.

It’s a DIY-friendly modern alarm that can provide you with a little extra added security for your home. They use sensors to alert and monitor any disturbances that come in the area where you place the sensors, usually your porch area or front/back door.

Installation is fairly straight forward and the only thing extra you will require is a smartphone that is able to download an app. You are able to deactivate them when you are home if required and are able to control them remotely via the app. They are all set up via Wi-Fi but you can find options that have 3g built-in, in the event of your Wi-Fi is down.

Video doorbells come in a variety of different price ranges depending on which extra features you desire. You can also purchase battery operated options or ones that you can wire into your existing electric connection although you would need a qualified electrician to do this.