What are the Top Home Burglary Deterrents?

Victims of a home burglary face not only financial costs, but substantial psychological costs as well. Research done in the US suggests it takes an average of four months to recover from the stress of a break-in and financially, a UK citizen can face, on average, a bill of £700-3,000 on repairs and £2,300 in replacing stolen property. To help minimize your risk of a burglary, here are the top deterrents to thieves:

• The presence of an alarm system (preferably a monitored one)
• Barking dogs (especially large breeds) are listed as the second highest deterrent
• CCTV also plays an important role in burglary target selection and listed as a top deterrent
• Lighting is another strong deterrent (especially motion sensor)
• Clear presence of window and door locks is one of the simplest ways to deter burglars
• Having a tv or radio on can be a deterrent as some potential thieves will fear someone is home
• Having a car parked in the drive is another thing that can make burglars think twice before breaking into a home