Top 6 Data Protection Tips for Businesses

Technology has greatly improved businesses efficiency and effectiveness but it comes with it’s negatives as well. In this technologically charged age, cyber-attacks are a growing concern for individuals and businesses. Due to collecting and storing personal or sensitive data, no matter how big or small an organization is, cyber breaches are something to try and defend yourself against.

Top Data Protection Tips:

1. Keep systems, including operating systems and additional software, up to date.
2. Encrypt confidential information that is shared amongst employees, partners and customers.
3. Use very strong passwords and be sure to change them regularly. For password creation it is recommended to use a phrase instead of a word but replace some letters with numbers or special characters.
4. Avoid external devices, like USBs or even USB phone chargers, on work computers.
5. Ensure your IT/security executives have a strong data backup and recovery procedures that stay updated.
6. Make every effort to ensure you stay within the requirements of local legislation in technology and policies