The Most Secure Types of Door

Different doors will offer different security profiles for your home or business. The level of security you need will depend on the types of building concerned, and how you use that building, for example, if it is a warehouse with lots of valuable stock, then security measures become all the more important. These are some of the most secure door types you could install:

  • Steel door sets. If you are after a side hinged entrance door, make sure you choose something hardwearing and long lasting like a steel door frame. It will need to be installed professionally to ensure a secure fit on the hinges.
  • Roller doors. A roller door is a great example of engineering at its very best. You can install a roller door over a garage, warehouse or other kind of commercial space, as well as in a home.
  • Industrial doors. These will usually be similar to roller doors but will be higher security, more durable and fast paced.