Security Roller Grille Types and Uses

Businesses need to know that they’re protected, and their physical premises are a very important consideration. Without the use of security features like roller grilles, building can be left exposed to criminals who could deface the property, commit theft, or a whole host of other crimes. This simple installation can dramatically step up security levels, and give owners of businesses much better peace of mind when leaving their premises unattended.

Every business owner want to feel that their property is well looked after when the lock up for the day, or when they are leaving the building locked up for a period of time, such as a holiday. It’s important to make sure the security grilles used are the right ones for the purposes so as to provide maximum security, but also to ensure that the grilles are safe to operate. This guide will help you to understand the different types of roller security grilles, and the ways in which they are used.

The different types of roller grilles and their uses

  1. External use roller grilles. Many roller shutter grilles are designed for use outside premises, helping to secure them against break ins. They are available in a wide range of colours, and in terms of security, you need to make sure they will be strong enough to do the job well. Make sure you select roller grilles that are specifically designed for outdoor use.
  2. Internal use roller grilles. These are grilles that are used for internal shop fronts, such as those inside a shopping mall. They are usually made of a lightweight materials like aluminium and are designed in a minimalist fashion, so that the shutter itself doesn’t take up too much space and looks more elegant. After all, this is the front of a business, and as a business owner, you don’t want to detract from its appearance.
  3. High visibility roller grilles. These are for use in areas where security is required along with high visibility. They are single skinned roller shutters and consist of concave, perforated profiles which offer good ventilation and give that extra visibility – they are similar in style to roller shutter doors. These types of grilles might be used in places like shopping centres, arcades and underground car parks.
  4. Manual grilles. One of the main decisions you will have to make when choosing a grille is whether to opt for a manual or electric closing option. Manual grilles will tend to be cheaper, but it will require more work to close them.
  5. Electric roller security grilles. These are fitted with a motor to complete the closing and opening process for the grille. They will come in at a higher price point but they will be much easier for owners to operate.

Grilles can be used internally and externally in a range of situations, to secure entrances or to secure bars and kiosks when they are not in use. There are many types available to suit all purposes, so you will be able to find good options when working with reputable suppliers.