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Do security operatives need to wear masks?

With the current nationwide covid-19 pandemic, laws and legislation are changing frequently. One of the most recent rules that have been brought in is the need to wear masks in all retail shops, shopping centres, banks, post offices, and supermarkets. Those who fail to wear one where they should face a £100 fine which is reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

Although the general public has to wear masks in the places listed there is a different rule for people working in any of these shops. If you are a security operative working inside a retail shop, supermarket, or bank then it will be case dependant. A lot of employers are not enforcing staff members to wear masks and the UK government has stated that workers do not need to, providing other measures that are in place to lower the risk of spread.

It is advised that you should check with your employer if they require you to wear a mask. If you are a security operative that patrols but frequently goes inside retail shops such as an operative for a mall you will need to wear a mask.

What is a smart video doorbell?

A smart video doorbell is a simple piece of security equipment that you can attach to the outside of your home which alerts you and sends a video stream of whoever is outside your home to your smartphone.

It’s a DIY-friendly modern alarm that can provide you with a little extra added security for your home. They use sensors to alert and monitor any disturbances that come in the area where you place the sensors, usually your porch area or front/back door.

Installation is fairly straight forward and the only thing extra you will require is a smartphone that is able to download an app. You are able to deactivate them when you are home if required and are able to control them remotely via the app. They are all set up via Wi-Fi but you can find options that have 3g built-in, in the event of your Wi-Fi is down.

Video doorbells come in a variety of different price ranges depending on which extra features you desire. You can also purchase battery operated options or ones that you can wire into your existing electric connection although you would need a qualified electrician to do this.

How much security will you need for your event?

When holding an event whether it be small or large you will need to consider the type of security you will need to ensure the smooth running of your event. Unfortunately, things can often spiral out of control at events so you need to ensure that the safety of your staff, guests, and the venue is a number one priority.

It is always a good idea to put together a crowd management plan if your event is large and a basic event safety plan if your event is small. Many security companies can advise you on this and help you create a plan.

it is always advised to have trained security operatives at your event with the general rule of the thumb being one operative to ten guests. Some events pose a higher or lower risk than others and the right amount of security presence you require will be based on that risk.

Security Roller Grille Types and Uses

Businesses need to know that they’re protected, and their physical premises are a very important consideration. Without the use of security features like roller grilles, building can be left exposed to criminals who could deface the property, commit theft, or a whole host of other crimes. This simple installation can dramatically step up security levels, and give owners of businesses much better peace of mind when leaving their premises unattended.

Every business owner want to feel that their property is well looked after when the lock up for the day, or when they are leaving the building locked up for a period of time, such as a holiday. It’s important to make sure the security grilles used are the right ones for the purposes so as to provide maximum security, but also to ensure that the grilles are safe to operate. This guide will help you to understand the different types of roller security grilles, and the ways in which they are used.

The different types of roller grilles and their uses

  1. External use roller grilles. Many roller shutter grilles are designed for use outside premises, helping to secure them against break ins. They are available in a wide range of colours, and in terms of security, you need to make sure they will be strong enough to do the job well. Make sure you select roller grilles that are specifically designed for outdoor use.
  2. Internal use roller grilles. These are grilles that are used for internal shop fronts, such as those inside a shopping mall. They are usually made of a lightweight materials like aluminium and are designed in a minimalist fashion, so that the shutter itself doesn’t take up too much space and looks more elegant. After all, this is the front of a business, and as a business owner, you don’t want to detract from its appearance.
  3. High visibility roller grilles. These are for use in areas where security is required along with high visibility. They are single skinned roller shutters and consist of concave, perforated profiles which offer good ventilation and give that extra visibility – they are similar in style to roller shutter doors. These types of grilles might be used in places like shopping centres, arcades and underground car parks.
  4. Manual grilles. One of the main decisions you will have to make when choosing a grille is whether to opt for a manual or electric closing option. Manual grilles will tend to be cheaper, but it will require more work to close them.
  5. Electric roller security grilles. These are fitted with a motor to complete the closing and opening process for the grille. They will come in at a higher price point but they will be much easier for owners to operate.

Grilles can be used internally and externally in a range of situations, to secure entrances or to secure bars and kiosks when they are not in use. There are many types available to suit all purposes, so you will be able to find good options when working with reputable suppliers.

SIA licence renewal in lockdown

In response the current covid-19 global pandemic, lots of workers have been sent home from work following the advice of our government. Only those who are essential or key workers are allowed to leave their house to work.

Security operatives and any roles in relation to offering security services are essential roles therefore are able to help the nation in the fight to beat the virus.

A statement given to SIA was released late March 2020 states –

“Roles essential to supporting law and order, with the potential to reduce demand on policing, also meet the critical worker definition. This would include, amongst other areas, the guarding of empty or closed commercial, retail or office premises; the monitoring of similar through CCTV or other remote means; and the provision of alarm response centres including mobile units.”

With SIA offices being closed they have made some adjustments in terms of licence renewals to enable us security workers to continue fulfilling our roles in these uncertain times.

SIA released this statement – “Over the last few weeks a number of you have raised concerns about having to go to a Post Office as part of the licence renewal process. In response to this, we have changed our processes so that most people who are renewing their licence will not need to go to the Post Office to have their documents checked. If you are renewing your licence, you will receive instructions through the online account so please log into your account for guidance.”

The Most Secure Types of Door

Different doors will offer different security profiles for your home or business. The level of security you need will depend on the types of building concerned, and how you use that building, for example, if it is a warehouse with lots of valuable stock, then security measures become all the more important. These are some of the most secure door types you could install:

  • Steel door sets. If you are after a side hinged entrance door, make sure you choose something hardwearing and long lasting like a steel door frame. It will need to be installed professionally to ensure a secure fit on the hinges.
  • Roller doors. A roller door is a great example of engineering at its very best. You can install a roller door over a garage, warehouse or other kind of commercial space, as well as in a home.
  • Industrial doors. These will usually be similar to roller doors but will be higher security, more durable and fast paced.

Replacing Locks for Added Security

Replacing the locks in your home will help you to have better all-round security. New locks will always help – they will be stronger and more robust, especially if your old locks have aged significantly. You will also need to choose the right kind of lock to ensure the maximum security, like a British Standard lock so you know the quality is certified.

You should also consider choosing additional locking mechanisms where security is a concern for you. You could choose a bolt to make it harder to force the door open, or internal bars to serve a similar purpose.

It’s also important the locks are fitted into place perfect, or they won’t be able to serve their purpose. A certified locksmith is probably the best person to do this for you, unless you have significant experience fitting locks. They will help you secure the locks into place effectively, so you can rely on them and know they will do the very best for your property.

Why You Should Hire a Security Agency London

Many people make it one of their top priorities to invest in quality alarm systems for the home. The possibility of a break in is just too frightening to leave anything to chance. People lose not only money and other valuables in a break in, but they also risk the safety of themselves and their families.
But one does not need to risk his own safety and that of his family to appreciate the value of a residential alarm system. The emotional impact of having your house burglarized is sometimes enough for some people to feel unsafe in their homes, enough for them to leave the house altogether and look for a new one. (more…)

All About Security Shutters.

How are the protective blinds keeping your home safe? Part of the ownership of the house protects against unwanted intrusions, whether at home or on vacation. Your windows are among the first seen as a potential buyer and thieves. They are the focus of your home, and depending on what kind of treatment they have, they can tell outsiders how affordable the house is. One of the most reliable ways to prevent and prevent robberies is to install protective blinds. (more…)

How to Manage Entry Systems Securely

In a large commercial organisation, entry procedures and security are integral to the safety of all members of staff. It’s essential you know exactly who is in your building in order to protect data, keep and eye on genera security and manage fire safety procedures if necessary. Improved entry systems mean better security.

It’s important to manage the way in which you staff members have access to your building. You should make sure they can get in and out easily yet securely. Think about installing a key fob system, or perhaps swiping in using a card that gives them access to the building but also registers their presence. Talk to a locksmith about the best ways to secure doors and entry points to the building.

You may also want to consider having a regular security presence within your building. Have a security guard to sign people in or have a security office for CCTV monitoring, with on-duty guards who can be called to assist with any problems.