How to Spot Fake NHS Texts

As vaccinations are being rolled out in quick succession, yet another text scam is out there and this is the fake NHS vaccination texts. These texts contain fake links that are supposedly there for you to book your vaccination appointment. For cybercriminals the use of text messages by the NHS offers them a hay-day to those who are not cautious.

These fake texts will ask for your name, date of birth and credit card information. Any texts from the NHS about your vaccination will not require you to give any bank or credit card information nor any personal documents such as a passport, driving license or pay slip. The vaccination is free so please exercise caution.

Before using any links, you should always double check them for any signs of misspellings, stray hyphens or punctuation. Staying safe online can be tricky but if you always double-check things, it is the biggest way to avoid scams.