How to Manage Entry Systems Securely

In a large commercial organisation, entry procedures and security are integral to the safety of all members of staff. It’s essential you know exactly who is in your building in order to protect data, keep and eye on genera security and manage fire safety procedures if necessary. Improved entry systems mean better security.

It’s important to manage the way in which you staff members have access to your building. You should make sure they can get in and out easily yet securely. Think about installing a key fob system, or perhaps swiping in using a card that gives them access to the building but also registers their presence. Talk to a locksmith about the best ways to secure doors and entry points to the building.

You may also want to consider having a regular security presence within your building. Have a security guard to sign people in or have a security office for CCTV monitoring, with on-duty guards who can be called to assist with any problems.