How to Better Secure Windows Without Using Bars

When it comes to security, many people predominately think about having good quality security doors and underestimate the importance of securing windows. Everyone knows that you can increase the security of your windows through the use of bars, but they are quite unsightly and unappealing. Below is a few ways to better secure your windows without using bars.

1. Add a secondary lock. You do not simply have to rely on the original locking mechanism for the window but can an another for additional protection.

2. Reinforce windows with security film. A good quality window security film goes over the window, is practically undetectable and helps prevent the glass from shattering.

3. Include window alarms in your home security system. Do not neglect the windows.

4. Plant thorny or spikey shrubs under windows to help deter anyone from wanting to use a window for access.

These four tips are great examples of ways you can increase the security of your windows.