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Everyday Security – the Things you can do to Stay Safe

Security is an increasing concern in today’s world. With threats from terrorists and building political tensions, security on an international level is serious business. However, you should remember that on a day-to-day basis, there is plenty you can be doing to help you and those around you stay safe. Follow these tips to help you on the way:

  • Lock your windows. This is something very small that many people simply forget to do. It can make all the difference though, potentially deterring burglars and allowing you to claim on your insurance should somebody break and enter.
  • Look out for your neighbours. If you live in a safe neighbourhood, you can enjoy the fact that everyone is playing their part. When your neighbours are on holiday, park your car in their drive. Watch out to check for any suspicious activity around other people’s homes. Neighbourhood Watch signs can also help to deter thieves.
  • Know what to do in an emergency. Often people will panic if they do actually find themselves in an unsafe situation. Know where you are going if you are out on your own at night, and be aware of where the nearest safe places are like police stations and bars that might still be open should you need somewhere to get off the
  • Don’t use your mobile phone whilst on the move. It will distract you from what’s going on around you and could make you an easy target for thieves. If you need to make a phone call or read a message, stop somewhere safe.
  • Check your locks are in good working order. It’s easy for things like this to deteriorate over time and become less secure. If you have any doubts, get them replaced by a professional locksmith. It won’t cost too much, and the peace of mind it will give you is priceless anyway.

Working in a Professional Security Environment

Security is an ever-growing industry and it offers many exciting job opportunities for people in the UK. If you are looking for a career change, you’re currently studying or you are already involved in the security industry, now is an excellent time for you. Now so more than ever, the security industry is an exciting place for people to work. There are opportunities for people from all kinds of backgrounds, working in both domestic and commercial security. In fact, specific areas of the security industry are seeing phenomenal growth, with statistics such as these being released from leading sources:

It’s something that is receiving a lot of attention within the media at the present time and people from all walks of life are becoming more interested in it. If security is something that interests you, have a look into how you could get yourself a job within the security industry.

There are many different areas of security that you can work in – security is an evolving industry that offers workers lots of potential. Here are just a few examples of popular job roles:

  • Security guard. This is an excellent job for somebody that likes to work in a physically demanding role. There are opportunities to work at events and entertainment venues as well as in corporate settings such as at office blocks and conferences. You may even end up working as a private security guard for celebrities and other VIPs.
  • Security product developer. Security systems and security products are constantly developing and they need dynamic, intelligent people to work on them and take them to the next level. This would suit somebody from a technological background, perhaps with qualifications as an engineer.
  • Cyber security engineer. You may be involved in building and testing security systems to ensure that they’re safe and secure, protecting valuable information and data. Backgrounds in maths, statistics and analysis will be helpful in this kind of security job role.

If you are interested in finding a job within the security industry, carry out your research carefully and make sure you understand the kind of role you are looking for. Speak to recruiters who specialise in security careers and see what they have available. This will give you a good idea of the kinds of roles that exist and the skills you would need to do them. If you don’t quite have the qualifications you need, look into how you can obtain them. However, working in a security role requires you to be trustworthy and to have lots of integrity, so it might be the case that companies are willing to hire you if they feel that you are the right kind of person for the job.