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Theft Deterrents

In this blog, I will discuss three options for theft deterrents.

One of the most popular options is an alarm system. Alarms are very effective at deterring theft, and they can be used to protect any type of property. Nowadays, there are many different types of alarms available on the market. They can be wireless or wired and operate on batteries or electricity.

Some people also use a security system with cameras and sensors to monitor their property and deter potential thieves from stealing it. These systems will send alerts to your phone if something happens while you’re away from home so that you can call the police right away.

The last option that we will discuss in this section is a theft deterrent device that you attach to your property, making it very difficult to steal. This device has been known to work with close to 100% efficiency.

Security Guards for Commercial Properties

A security company can manage the assignment of security guards as and when your business needs them. Hiring security guards as a permanent presence, or for specific functions and duties, are both options available to your business.

Some companies have security guards permanently based in reception, managing the check-in process and monitoring the CCTV cameras to keep the people who are on-site safe.

Others might need security guards for events and functions to help with checking guests bags or to monitor the guest behaviour and deter unwanted guests.

You may prefer the option of security patrols outside of working hours. This option can reduce the cost while still giving access to security guard services.

Another option is to choose a remote service such as alarm monitoring, key holding, and CCTV monitoring.

If your premises is with other businesses, why not speak to them about a shared security person, meaning costs are shared between you.

CCTV Monitoring Systems

CCTV monitoring and security systems are very effective in preventing thieves from breaking into a business or residence. When a surveillance system is installed, it helps police identify perpetrators and acts as a deterrent for potential thieves. Security measures such as security cameras, alarms, and monitoring can also help police identify and eventually convict burglars.

A variety of businesses uses security systems. For example, they are used within banks to prevent fraud and other forms of theft and vandalism. Within a retail setting, they are used to identify thieves and deal with them quickly. It can also increase workplace productivity as employees know that they are safe.

Installing a CCTV security system in such a location may prove to be very effective in identifying suspects.

A security system will also give the business owner peace of mind, knowing that they have done all they can to deter criminals.  

How to Spot Fake NHS Texts

As vaccinations are being rolled out in quick succession, yet another text scam is out there and this is the fake NHS vaccination texts. These texts contain fake links that are supposedly there for you to book your vaccination appointment. For cybercriminals the use of text messages by the NHS offers them a hay-day to those who are not cautious.

These fake texts will ask for your name, date of birth and credit card information. Any texts from the NHS about your vaccination will not require you to give any bank or credit card information nor any personal documents such as a passport, driving license or pay slip. The vaccination is free so please exercise caution.

Before using any links, you should always double check them for any signs of misspellings, stray hyphens or punctuation. Staying safe online can be tricky but if you always double-check things, it is the biggest way to avoid scams.

How to Better Secure Windows Without Using Bars

When it comes to security, many people predominately think about having good quality security doors and underestimate the importance of securing windows. Everyone knows that you can increase the security of your windows through the use of bars, but they are quite unsightly and unappealing. Below is a few ways to better secure your windows without using bars.

1. Add a secondary lock. You do not simply have to rely on the original locking mechanism for the window but can an another for additional protection.

2. Reinforce windows with security film. A good quality window security film goes over the window, is practically undetectable and helps prevent the glass from shattering.

3. Include window alarms in your home security system. Do not neglect the windows.

4. Plant thorny or spikey shrubs under windows to help deter anyone from wanting to use a window for access.

These four tips are great examples of ways you can increase the security of your windows.

It’s time to start taking mental health seriously in the security sector.

Last year was a complete rollercoaster due to the covid-19 pandemic which meant that mental health in the UK has deteriorated and has now become what some are calling a national crisis. Mental health has been the topic splashed across mainstream media several times last year and already numerous times in 2021. Security operatives in the UK are now more than ever having to deal with the mental health struggles of the general public as well as potentially dealing with their mental health struggles due to the highly emotive job that they do.

New research suggests that security operatives in the UK are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder commonly known as PTSD due to being frequently exposed to verbal abuse and sometimes physical abuse. The University of Portsmouth has released results of one of the largest studies to date on the mental health of security operatives. The study found that 40%of the 750 operatives interviewed were showing symptoms of PTSD.

Professor Mark Button, Professor of Criminology in the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth released this statement “With almost 40 percent of those surveyed exhibiting symptoms of PTSD, it leaves a very clear message that the issue of mental health is not currently being taken seriously by security managers. There is an emerging picture of a failure by the security industry to address these issues.”

Security Operatives in the UK play a huge role in ensuring public safety whether that be in shopping centres, patrolling public streets, or transport services. They act as a safety deterrent for the general public and are trained to diffuse dangerous situations. They play a huge role in making sure we are all safer, therefore large companies must start taking the mental health impact from what is a very challenging role more seriously and start offering additional mental health training and more mental health resources such as counselling for those operatives already suffering.

Cyber Security Training to Be Enhanced for Health-Care Businesses

It appears that Coronavirus is not the only ‘bug’ to be looking out for in 2020 as recently multiple cyber-attack campaigns, were conducted in several countries, all targeting: medical business, academic institutions and government agencies. Due to this, it was announced that £500,000 will be put into additional cyber security training to help these bodies “remain resilient” during their vital role in the pandemic response efforts.

Cyber breaches are an ever-growing concern according to the UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020. It claims that 46 percent of all business have suffered a cyber breach or attack in the last 12 months, with 32 percent of them having experienced attacks at least once a week. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the U.S. counterpart, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), issued a warning in May about cyber attacks against healthcare research and policy.

According to the NCSC and CISA, hackers “frequently target organisations in order to collect bulk personal information, intellectual property and intelligence that aligns with national priorities.”

What are the Top Home Burglary Deterrents?

Victims of a home burglary face not only financial costs, but substantial psychological costs as well. Research done in the US suggests it takes an average of four months to recover from the stress of a break-in and financially, a UK citizen can face, on average, a bill of £700-3,000 on repairs and £2,300 in replacing stolen property. To help minimize your risk of a burglary, here are the top deterrents to thieves:

• The presence of an alarm system (preferably a monitored one)
• Barking dogs (especially large breeds) are listed as the second highest deterrent
• CCTV also plays an important role in burglary target selection and listed as a top deterrent
• Lighting is another strong deterrent (especially motion sensor)
• Clear presence of window and door locks is one of the simplest ways to deter burglars
• Having a tv or radio on can be a deterrent as some potential thieves will fear someone is home
• Having a car parked in the drive is another thing that can make burglars think twice before breaking into a home

Do security operatives need to wear masks?

With the current nationwide covid-19 pandemic, laws and legislation are changing frequently. One of the most recent rules that have been brought in is the need to wear masks in all retail shops, shopping centres, banks, post offices, and supermarkets. Those who fail to wear one where they should face a £100 fine which is reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

Although the general public has to wear masks in the places listed there is a different rule for people working in any of these shops. If you are a security operative working inside a retail shop, supermarket, or bank then it will be case dependant. A lot of employers are not enforcing staff members to wear masks and the UK government has stated that workers do not need to, providing other measures that are in place to lower the risk of spread.

It is advised that you should check with your employer if they require you to wear a mask. If you are a security operative that patrols but frequently goes inside retail shops such as an operative for a mall you will need to wear a mask.

What is a smart video doorbell?

A smart video doorbell is a simple piece of security equipment that you can attach to the outside of your home which alerts you and sends a video stream of whoever is outside your home to your smartphone.

It’s a DIY-friendly modern alarm that can provide you with a little extra added security for your home. They use sensors to alert and monitor any disturbances that come in the area where you place the sensors, usually your porch area or front/back door.

Installation is fairly straight forward and the only thing extra you will require is a smartphone that is able to download an app. You are able to deactivate them when you are home if required and are able to control them remotely via the app. They are all set up via Wi-Fi but you can find options that have 3g built-in, in the event of your Wi-Fi is down.

Video doorbells come in a variety of different price ranges depending on which extra features you desire. You can also purchase battery operated options or ones that you can wire into your existing electric connection although you would need a qualified electrician to do this.